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Dive Vacations-Warm & Cold

Channel Islands Dive Adventures Dive Vacations

If you haven’t traveled with a hosted group before then don’t wait any longer and sign-up for one of Channel Islands Dive Adventures trips. We take pride in making it easy for you!

Why CIDA group trips?

  • We set everything up and take care of all the details
  • We have a host/tour guide on all trips to help make sure things go as planned
  • Traveling with a group can be quite fun
  • Meet everyone before the trip at pre trip parties
  • Have fun all over again at the after trip parties
  • Make new friends and dive buddies for life
  • Have the chance to see and go places you might normally not go to
  • Let your hair down and enjoy yourself

We arrange and do group hosted trips to warm water diving locations all over the world  as well as cold water trips to Canada and dive trips within the United States. What are some of our favorite trips? Diving for Megaldon shark teeth & wrecks in North Carolina, wreck trips & bottle hunting in Canada, large dive club group trips and anything outside of the norm is what CIDA likes the best.

We arrange and host trips all over the world to land based dive resorts or liveaboards (our favorite) to land side trips and trips where non-divers can join us. As long as it is a group it will be FUN!

North Carolina Shark Teeth/Wreck Adventure -June 4-11, 2017


We know N.C and diving with Aquatic Safaris for some megladon shark teeth and wrecks is always an AWESOME trip! Just like a warm water vacation but no passport needed. This is a must do trip plus it is one of our favorite places to visit.

7 days in Wilmington, NC


Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada -August 6-12, 2017

449ef3a6ade550648b3b4ff7b840bf70We will be staying at the God’s Pocket resort on Hurst Island a short distance by boat from Port Hardy. British Columbia is AWESOME for diving, wildlife viewing & sightseeing and is a must do trip plus it is one of our favorite places to visit.

7 days at God’s Pocket priced at $2450.00


Sea of Cortez– September 2-9, 2017 
Legendary diver Jacques Cousteau described the Sea of Cortez as the “world’s aquarium” and the “Galapagos of North America.”  The Sea of Cortez is home to sea lions, whale sharks, manta and mobula rays, dolphins, huge schools of fish and some fascinating macro life.

7 days aboard the Rocio Del Mar priced at $2495.00


 Bonaire, Buddy Dive-February 17-25, 2018

Bonaire has won many diver reader awards and is not only lots of FUN but has some of the easiest diving of anywhere you can go-that is why this trip is our 4th time back. They have good boat dives, awesome and EASY shore dives and plenty of other things to see and do and is also GREAT trip for non-divers.

9 days at Buddy Dive starting at $1350.00


Solomon Islands– May 19-29, 2018

Village Bilikiki dancers 2_800The Solomon Islands consists of 922 islands, many are uninhabited and it is also an exotic wonderland of varied landscapes, rich in cultural and biological diversity. With the masses of fish, incredible variety of coral life and wrecks you be dazzled on every dive.

10 days aboard the MV Bilikiki priced at $5750.00



Jupiter/Palm Beach, Florida-Sept. 1-9, 2018

photographer-goliath-grouperJupiter is the place to see the Goliath groupers and with the wrecks and deep reefs in the area there is more than enough to keep us busy. No passport required and easy travel makes this a trip not to miss.

Stay tuned for more details on this trip to Florida.



Palau-Feb. 17-24, 2019

jake-seaplane-palauPalau is recognized by divers as being among the best in the world. There is not one main attraction in Palau – it has everything: big schools of fish, lots of sharks, healthy reefs, World War II wrecks and history, and the world-famous Jellyfish Lake and Blue Corner.

7 days aboard the Palau Aggressor and priced at $3795.00


Port Hardy, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada – June 20-26, 2019

We will be staying at the God’s Pocket resort on Hurst Island a short distance by boat from Port Hardy. British Columbia is AWESOME for diving, wildlife viewing & sightseeing and is a must do trip plus it is one of our favorite places to visit.

7 days at God’s Pocket priced at ??


Where else after June 2019?

Galapagos, Newfoundland, 1000 Islands-Canada

Dominica or maybe Coron, Philippines for some wrecks

 Land based versus liveaboard travel-how does the higher cost of a liveaboard vs land based dive resort compare?

Land based trips are nice and can be lots of fun. CIDA has been to many land based dive resorts and a typical package might include some or all meals along with 2-3 dives then the bar bill and extra dives all cost more plus at the end of the trip it all adds up. Most of the time you need to be back for scheduled meals which seem to make the dive sites all close by or you miss meals. In our opinion the diving sometimes suffers from this. Sure you do get to be on land and do some land activities which is always fun and interesting and a land based resort is great for non-divers and people who get motion sickness but it isn’t always the best option for a dive trip.

Sooner or later you will want more and that is where the liveboard trips come in. On the live aboard you have the ability to travel in style and walk out your room to the dive deck and dive some of the best places you can without long rides from a land based resort making or worrying about missing any meals. Awesome night dives on a live-aboard are the norm and afterwards the steward might be bringing you a hot chocolate with some rum in it and then another staff member is handing you a hot towel to dry off with. All meals are excellent and even the captain is serving you some nights as well as the other staff. All the staff on board a liveaboard pride themselves with making sure you have the best time ever. If the weather gets bad you can travel someplace else to get some good diving in instead of being land locked which is always a possibility with today’s weather patterns. Want to learn something new like nitrox or get better with your pictures-no problem because there is always help close by. Of course you went on that live-aboard trip to dive and with 4 day dives (sometimes more) and a night dive every day you will get in all the diving your body can handle. Bar bills you can forget because wine & beer is all part of the trip and if you brought that bottle or two of something special then you can enjoy even more at no cost. Now I will agree the rooms are a bit smaller but then who really needs to be in them while on a dive vacation after all we are there to DIVE.


Any questions? Please call Ken at (805) 469-7288 or email