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Day/Night Santa Cruz Bug trip on 2/20/10

The weather leading up to Feb.20th was not the best (again) and it probably scared away a few people. Well, this was another day the weather man and the marine forecast where wrong and everyone on the trip where in for a great time. We boarded at 12:30pm and left Ventura Harbor at 1:30pm. The weather was very nice and it was decided to go to the backside of Santa Cruz instead of Anacapa. The sea was a slight bit choppy, but once at Santa Cruz it became flat calm.

The 1st dive was near Pink Ribbon and was like a series of pinnacles. What a great dive with 35+ Vis and 57 degree water temp. The dive site had lots of kelp and fish with very large rocks and depths of 30-80 ft., but I did not see any bugs-a few others did, but either way it was a very good dive.

The Raptor then moved to the Yellowbanks area where we made the 2nd and 3rd dives. This area was about 40-50 ft deep with a good reef and lots of ledges a short distance from the boat. Here I seen lots of large sheephaed, other fish and bugs, but the bugs were too far back in the holes for me to be able to grab any. This was another good dive with 30+ ft. vis. no current and calm conditions.

 The 2nd dive was at the same spot after it got dark. I did not stray to far from the boat during this dive and I didn’t see any bugs. It was a good thing I didn’t get to far away because the wind came up and it was howling when I came to the surface. For some they were not so lucky as they had to swim against the wind and chop to get to the boat, this could have been a bad thing. Once everyone was on board the crew pulled anchor, but the anchor decided it wasn’t going home just yet. With that, the line was cut to the anchor and a float attached so they could come back soon and get it. The line then got caught around a prop. We then proceded to a safe spot on one engine so the crew could cut the line off the prop.

With everything under control it was time for a bumpy ride home and back to the dock about 9:30pm. Overall we had an excellent time with good diving, good condtions, good people and a few going home with lobsters-what more can you ask for. I may not have gone away with any bugs, but there is always next time.

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