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Gull Island on 3/28/10

Gull Island on 3/28/10

This trip was a special charter setup by CIDA for the Channel Islands Divers dive club and the Keep Bubblin scuba class. The trip was full with 30 and it was more like a family day and lots of fun.  There were also a few of us that were on the trip to Santa Rosa the day before-we made it a 2 day trip and it was awesome. What more could you want then 2 days of excellent diving and good weather to go along with it.

Everyone had assigned bunks and could then show up whenever they wanted. We left at 4:00am and where at Gull Island for the 1st dive about 7:30. The conditions were super with flat calm seas and sun out, we where in for a treat today. Gull island is a great dive and we seen purple hydrocoral in shallow, fish every where, large horn sharks, and more. With Gull Island in an MPA and no hunting allowed things are looking better there then when I used to hunt at Gull Island.

It was so nice we stayed at Gull Island for the 2nd dive and for both dives we had great Vis (about 35+) and mid 50’s water temperature. We also where able to watch some gray whales pass by. We then moved east along the backside of Santa Cruz for 2 more dives.

The 3rd dive was at Bowen Point and the dive site here is along the island with big rocks (more like boulders), lots of kelp and plenty of critters to see on and under the rocks. The dive here is about 30-50 ft deep along the slope of the rocks and it was a fun dive with about 20’-25’ Vis.

The 4th dive was at Drop Off Reef (The Towers) and this dive had lots of sea fans (I like sea fans). It was a great dive about 40’ deep with about 20’ Vis. It was then time to get aboard and try out the hottub for a while. The ride back was very calm and quite with everyone taking a nap. We where back at the dock about 6:30 and had an awesome day on the Peace. Come join the next Peace trip to Gull Island on April 25th.

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