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Gull Island on 4/25/10

Peace to Gull Island on 4/25

This trip turned out very good, with a full boat (10 of which where from the Whalers Dive Club) and 7 on the waiting list. Good thing for waiting lists as things usually change a day or two before and with some last minute calling everything worked out great. The weather was overcast almost all day, but not cold with the sea being calm and very little swell. Water temperature ran close to the mid 50’s and Vis was 15’-30’ with an average of about 20’.

Everyone boarded the night before with a departure time of 4:00am. The ride over was actually very good and much smoother then I thought it was going to be. We arrived at Gull Island at 7:30am, right on time. The 1st dive was on the outer south side of Gull Island where there is a wall at about 50’-60’ with purple hydra coral. The Vis was not all that good (15’) and I didn’t hear of anyone finding the wall with the purple hydra coral.

For the 2nd dive we made a short move closer to the south side of Gull Island. I had an awesome dive with my buddy Scott. The Vis was much better here running about 25’ and Scott pointed out 2 octopuses and a couple of large horn sharks that he seen and then there was the usual large fish and lobsters everywhere, including one very big lingcod.

Next, the crew pulled anchor and moved east along the backside of the island to a site just outside and to the west of Willows Anchorage. There was a huge kelp forest here and with the lack of sunlight and not the best Vis it was a bit eerie. I made my dive up close to the island among the huge submerged rocks and boulders where there was more light and just outside of the kelp forest. I was hunting, but the fish proved to be much stealthier then I was.

Our 4th dive was on a point next to Albert’s Anchorage. Again there were very large rocks, boulders and kelp and with the sun trying to pop out and say “hi” the Vis seemed to be better at about 20 and again the fish were faster then I was . This was another good dive site with the reef protruding out from the point with lots of opaleye, sheephead, some rockfish, and lots of small baby fish.

Just towards the end of the day the sun came out for a short time. The trip back was again very calm and we where back at the dock at about 6:30pm. It was another fun day aboard the Peace with the next Channel Islands Dive Adventures trip on the Peace scheduled for August 27/28 (Fri/Sat) going to the outer offshore pinnacles of San Miguel. Come join CIDA on there next adventure!

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