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Santa Cruz backside on 6/26/10

Trip Report-6/26/10 Raptor to Santa Cruz backside

Maybe it was the great weather or maybe the chance to dive some different spots along the backside of Santa Cruz Island, either way the trip turned out great. Everyone did an exceptionally good job of arriving early to the Raptor and getting everything setup and ready to go. The final count was 18 (with a waiting list) and quite a few cameras and video rigs.

The ride over was a bit bumpy with a 3’-5’ swell, but once we where at Santa Cruz it smoothed out for a calm ride the rest of the day. We headed up to Blue Banks looking for a good place to do a deeper dive (60’-80’) and did send in Tim (the DM) to check out a spot which was a good idea because it didn’t turn out to be a very promising dive site. The wind was starting to pickup so it was decided to start the 1st dive at West Pink Ribbon.

I made a dive at West Pink Ribbon back in February and it was an excellent dive and I (and a few others) was looking forward to going back. West Pink Ribbon is a large reef with lots of kelp, fish and large rocks that are more like small pinnacles. This reef is a good dive for most everyone because it goes from about 30’-80’ deep with plenty to see. The water temperature was around the high 50’s and the vis was about 20’-25’ and with all the kelp and the sun not peaking out of the clouds it was a bit dark, but it was still a good dive.

For the 2nd and 3rd dives we headed to the Yellowbanks area which is always a favorite. The 2nd dive was in an area about 40’ deep and it seemed to be the favorite of the day. The water was blue, clear with about 35’-40’ vis, a water temperature in the mid 60’s and to top it off the sun came out.  It was a nice low lying reef area with lots of fish, kelp and a large jellyfish that I missed out on. It was just like a California kelp dive should be!

For the 3rd dive the Raptor moved to another area of Yellowbanks for another good dive, but still not as good as the 2nd dive. Yellowbanks is a very large area with an extensive reef system and now I can’t wait to go back out there to dive the deeper outer areas on September 19th for the next Channel Islands Dive Adventures trip aboard the Raptor.

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