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TBM Avenger/Peacock trip on July 17th

This trip was full of changes. The original plan was to dive the TBM Avenger plane wreck off Anacapa and then do 2 reef dives off Anacapa. I knew everyone on the trip wanted to dive wrecks so I then planned on us diving the Peacock off Santa Cruz for the 2nd dive and a shallow dive for the 3rd.

Everyone got checked in on time and we headed out to the TBM. It was a bit rough going over and when we got to the TBM off Anacapa it didn’t look great. The wind and swell where coming right into the front side of the island and were we wanted to be. After getting set and anchored the first diver (Kevin) went in.  By time the rest of us were almost ready to start down the anchor line Kevin came up and said he didn’t find the wreck (the anchor line should have been right over the wreck) and there was only 4’-8’ of vis, a very good reason to not be able to find the wreck. I decided to have everyone come back to the boat and abort the dive; there would always be better days then this one to dive the plane.

The Raptor crew then pulled the anchor and we headed around the backside of Anacapa to the Underwater Island. The backside was very nice with it being flat, no wind and calm. The underwater Island is a good dive that is about 30’-80’ deep with a wall that runs quite a ways. There were lots of colorful brittle stars, sea fans and a few black sea bass. It turned out to be a nice dive with about 20’ vis and low 60’s water temp.

Afterwards we decided to go towards Yellowbanks and ended up at West Pink Ribbon, Santa Cruz for the 2nd dive. I really like this dive as the underwater terrain is pretty cool with all the big structure. There is also much to see here and is great for photographers. There is lots of kelp, fish and an explosion of Hermisenda Nudibranchs and some large San Diego Dorids. It was a very fun dive, but colder (high 50’s) and with that the vis was about 25+.

For the 3rd dive the Raptor then moved to a shallow dive in the Yellowbanks area which I did not do because my drysuit now needs to go get a leak fixed. Most said it was not the best dive, but it seemed it wasn’t too bad as they stayed under for quite a while. The crew then pulled the anchor and we headed back to the dock. The ride back was a bit bumpy, but much better then the morning and we arrived back about 4:30.

All in all the trip turned out great and everyone still wants to go back to dive the wrecks. Come join the next adventure with Channel Islands Dive Adventures!

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