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Yellowbanks, Santa Cruz on 9/19/10

Talking to everyone on the Yellowbanks, Santa Cruz trip it seemed that everyone had a good time. The channel crossing to Santa Cruz was not the best, but once we where at the Yellowbanks area we where protected from the wind and swell so it was very calm, sunny and beautiful.

The trip filled up on Sunday morning with one extra person showing up at the boat. The first dive spot we anchored at we decided there was just too much current so we made a 10 minute move to Pink Ribbon. Pink Ribbon is an excellent dive site and offers something for everyone. My buddy Marla and I were taking pictures finding plenty of photo subjects to keep us busy. There was some surge which made it more challenging to go along with that good old shutter lag. The visibility was about 20’ with a water temperature of around 55° all day.

Now that it was getting close to slack tide we headed back to the Yellowbanks area while doing a little searching for other dive spots a long the way. Our second dive had much better conditions with much cleaner water, 25’ Vis and no current or surge. Again Marla and I found plenty of photo opportunities. I did see quite a few bugs in this area, more then I have seen in a while. Next we moved to another spot which at first looked good, but after actually diving it I wouldn’t go back to it. Actually the Vis was not good and I think we missed the main dive site even so it still didn’t look interesting enough to go back to again.

It was now time to strap down everything for the channel crossing back. We did travel a bit more then expected during the day so we arrived back about 4:30-5:00, a little later then planned. Again, the crew took good care of everyone and the Raptor with its speed (18+knots) and how easy it is to dive from. This trip turned out to be another fun CIDA trip. See you on the next adventure!!!

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