Neptune’s outer coastal reef trip on 10/16/10

It had been a while since the last CIDA trip to the Neptune’s area (Deep Hole, County Line and Harrison’s Reef area) and I was very much looking forward to it and even better we had a full boat. Neptune’s is an exciting area to dive with lots of big rocks, good structure, kelp beds and more. It can be an excellent game area as it is not dived much because most of the good spots are to far to swim and very few boats will go down the coast-most want to go to the islands.

 I first found out about the area quite a number of years ago when I would go there with my friend on kayaks and a portable depth finder and have been diving it since. I have always liked the more out of the way places to dive and the crew of the Raptor likes doing the same, it gets exciting for them to see something different then Anacapa or Santa Cruz Islands.

We left the dock on time about 8:00am with good weather and made it to the Neptune’s area about 9:30am. It is about 20 miles south down the coast to the dive area verses 11 miles to Anacapa so it does take a little longer, but with the Raptor traveling about 18 mph the time goes by quickly. We did a little searching and were in the water for the 1st dive about 10:00.  

The 1st dive was 60’-70′ out around the Deep Hole area with 30′ visibility. This area had very large rocks (the size of the boat), no kelp with small sand patches between them. The rocks where home too many things, but legal sized lobsters, either way it was an excellent dive.

The 2nd dive was it the outer east end of Harrison’s reef and vis was still 20+. Here there was lots of large rocks (smaller then the 1st dive) with lots of kelp and fish. I seen many large fish which is a good sign there is not much diving pressure. I did get 1 bug and still seen lots of small ones. This was another excellent dive.

The 3rd dive I think we missed. I had a computer problem and sat it out, but by what everyone said and seeing the bubbles going all different directions it looked like somehow we missed the dive site “The Ring”. What was very interesting is that most everyone seen ton’s of sheep crabs everywhere, almost like they were taking over the reef.

It was now time to head back with us getting back about 4:15pm. We had an excellent day with very flat conditions, no current, warm water, good visibility and great company. The day couldn’t have turned out any better and now I am really looking forward to the next Neptune’s trip on December 11th.

I hope to see you next time-come join the adventure!

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