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Neptune’s outer coastal reefs 12/11/10

Neptune’s (aka-Deep Hole) is an excellent area to dive with an abundance of sea fans, fish and healthy kelp forests on the shallower reefs. The deeper (60’+) reefs are for the most part void of kelp, but make up for it with everything else. Visibility on an extremely good day can be 80’plus, but the norm is 25’-30’.

The cool thing about Neptune’s is that there are no dive boats going there except for the Raptor and that is by special request of Channel Islands Dive Adventures. You will see some kayakers, recreational fishing boats and a few small private boats, but that is it. Why is this when it’s such a good area to dive? The main reasons that  I think  is it much further then Anacapa and the east end of Santa Cruz, there is no kelp out on the better reefs which make them harder to locate and it is to far of a swim from shore.  

The CIDA trip on 12/11/10 went well for most. Between the larger rolling swell and the shortness of there duration there was a few sick individuals. I have been there, done that and seasickness is not anything I would wish on anyone!

We did 3 dives with the 1st at a spot about 75’ with some large rock piled with smaller ones. As I swam past all the bugs I seen I was swearing at myself for forgetting the most important thing-my fishing license. Between the 3 dives I could have easily got my limit-should have, could have and would have- maybe next time. I did find a large anchor on the 1st dive and a smaller one on the 2nd dive that I left behind. The water temperture ran in the low to mid 50’s on all the dives with vis from 20’-30’.

The best dive was the 2nd which was named Painted Rocks for all the color on the reef. There were also some cool underwater rock formations which I can’t wait to go back to explore. During the 2nd dive the wind came up and it was looking like it was going to be a very rough ride home. It was blowing so hard it was to difficult to find the spot we wanted for the 3rd dive, but we did manage to anchor up on a good spot to explore-it had mixed reviews, but for bugs it looked great to me except I could only look at them.

We got lucky after the last dive and the wind was dying down as quickly as it came up. We ended up having a very nice ride back, much better then the trip in the morning. It was a nice 90 minute ride back with everyone chatting away. Overall it turned out to be a nice day and another good CIDA Neptune’s trip.

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