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Yukon & Ruby E 4/17/11

Going to San Diego for some is a long drive, but it sure is worth it when you have some good diving on a trip with some excellent divers. I drove down the night before and shared a room with my friend Marton and his son, Trevor.  The drive went great and I made it there and back in 3 hours.

We had a small group of 7 on this trip aboard the Lois Ann-no crowding there especially when I got a call in the morning that 2 were not going to be able to make it. Now how often do you get to dive on a boat with only 5-not often. We got checked in and situated and were able to leave early for the 15 minute ride out to the Yukon. The Lois Ann tied up to the bow float for the 1st dive and then moved to the stern float on the 2nd dive. This worked out great because most everyone had never dove the Yukon before.

The water was clear on the top 20’-30’ and then it got dark and the vis dropped. Just as we got to the wreck you could feel the thermocline and then the vis opened up to about 20’-25’ which we had on all 3 dives during the day. We all had a fun time exploring the Yukon on both dives. The water was cold running about 50°. All of us except for 1 were in wetsuits and of course wished we had drysuits.

Between dives Eric (DM) and Nick (Captain) took very good care of us and Eric gave excellent briefings for every dive.  For the 3rd dive we moved the short distance to the Ruby E. The Ruby E is 1 of my favorite dives because you can easily see the whole wreck on 1 dive and it has some area’s you can swim through. It also has plenty of growth on it making it very photogenic.

With only 5 divers the day went by quick and we where back to the dock by 1:00pm, early enough to get going for the ride home.

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