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Begg Rock AKA Gull Island and backside of Cruz-April 30, 2011

This trip had been full with a waiting list for over a month and the reason was the chance to get to Begg Rock. Begg Rock & San Nick are like San Miguel in terms of getting there, but then at San Nick you still have the military to contend with.  Weather is the #1 reason trips get canceled to these islands and it looked like this trip would be no different.

All week the weather forecast looked bad and it looked like there was going to be a small break in the weather but it turned out to be just after the CIDA trip-go figure! I know there where some disappointed people but most understand you are only paying for a chance to get to the place you hope to. The day even made it hard for Captain Eric to find some good dive sites and like always he did a good job, 3 out of 4 dives turned out great.

The 1st dive was at the west side of Gull Island along a wall at 50’ and then up in the shallows. Actually the best part of the dive was in the shallow area about 25’-30’ with lots to see including some large Fried Egg jelly fish and lots of small jellies floating around.  We then moved to the south side of Gull Island where another drop off is and the conditions were very poor here.

The 3rd dive was at Willows Boilers and was not where anyone planned but turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  The reef was much larger then it looked and with all the sea fans and large rocks everywhere it turned into an excellent dive. This reef was only about 25’-35’ and with little surge and about 15’-20’ vis I hope it made for some good video. The 4th dive was at Flame Reef and this is always a great dive. Flame reef has tons of small critters, lots of large structure and plenty of color and it’s only about 50’ deep.

The ride back was nice with us getting into the dock about 6:00. Thank you Pacific Explorers and the Whalers dive clubs because between the 2 they filled the trip.

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