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Catalina-west end 5/21/11

Diving Catalina is always fun with its many excellent dive spots, but when you get the chance to dive some new dive spots it really makes for an even better day. There was some concern about the weather before the trip and that there maybe a bumpy ride over, but that never did happen much to everyone’s surprise.

I boarded the Pacific Star the night before and even though I never sleep very good on a boat (who does) it is something I always do because if something should happen with my car or traffic I have plenty of time to take care of the problem and get there on time, but the biggest reason is it gives me a chance to have extra time to socialize and talk with other divers.

After a restless night of semi-sleep I got up early to say hi to the others that were boarding in the morning and then listen to the briefing before we left the dock. The ride out was great with the 1st dive at Ship Rock. When we pulled up I knew it would be a great dive because the seas were calm and there was no surge, swell or current. Ship Rock is a great dive spot because it is a spot for everyone from beginners to tech. I had fun in the shallows most of the time using my Go Pro video camera. The easy part is taking the video and the hard part is that it is very time consuming to edit it and make some viewable.

I was trying to figure out the second dive spot when Captain David suggested Parson’s Landing so that’s where we headed and I am very glad we did. I think Parson’s Landing was the best spot of the day. It wasn’t deep about 40’-60’ and had lots of HUGE boulders the size of a 2 car garage and bigger with lots of sea fans everywhere and lots of crevice’s for things to hide in. It was a great dive.

We then moved to Black Rock for the 3rd and last dive. Black Rock is more of a shallow dive, but when you get out to the point there is the usual Catalina drop off which seems to always have something to see. This is where I did my dive. The nice thing about all the dives was how calm the weather was as it got better with an almost flat ocean for the trip back and the water temp being about 56°.

The Pacific Star is a nice large boat that is family owned and ran and they always do a good job. Some things they do that you will not find on another boat is to carry your gear (you can always do it yourself) from the car to the boat and back and then at the end of the day they put out a tub of simple green and freshwater to rinse your gear which is especially nice after a 2-3 day dive trip.

Over all I think everyone had a great time and will be back for the next adventure on the Pacific Star.

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