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Oil Rig/Wreck trip 7/16/11

There is something about the rigs that seems to get everyone excited, is it the deep dives into the abyss, maybe the scallops or both-either way we were in for a treat on this trip. The only problem with this trip was that it happened to be the same weekend as carmaggedon-the weekend of the 405 closure for 10 miles and as I prepared for the worst I got the best.

To start most everyone arrived the night before with no problems, I actually had the easiest drive to and from the boat that I ever had…thank you everyone who decided to stay off the freeway.

In the morning we had our briefing and off we went for our 1st dive which would be on the Olympic II, luckily this time there were no fishing boats sitting over the wreck. The last time we tried to dive the Olympic II there were 43 boats sitting over it. Sea and topside conditions were excellent with plenty of sun shine and flat calm seas, and we had a special treat all day…whales.

The Olympic II turned out to be a great dive even though we only had 10’-15’ ft. of vis at depth and a thermocline that started at 50’. Captain Dave set the anchor right over the wreck so navigating during the dive was not a problem. There is actually quite a bit to check out and my buddies and I (Marton & Marybeth) made our way to what seemed like the front then around some large structure and back. I know I will be looking forward to going back and exploring more of the Olympic II.

We then headed to the oil rig Eureka for our 2nd & 3rd dives all the while enjoying the whale watching we could. The dives on the rig were great with 40’+ vis starting from the surface. The scallop hunting was equally as good with everyone who wanted a limit of scallops getting one. Afterwards it was time to travel back to the dock with us arriving about 4:00pm. After packing up it was time to join some friends in the restaurant for a bit of socializing and talking about how good the day turned out. Thank you everyone who made this a very successful trip.

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