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TBM Avenger and the Spirit of America wrecks 8/6/11

This was another trip I had been really looking forward to because I wanted to get some video of the wrecks. As the day approached everything was looking up with almost a full boat. It was actually better it wasn’t full so we had more room for us divers and some of the tech gear others had.

Everyone showed up early which let us leave about 15 minutes early. The ride out was much nicer then expected and when getting to the TBM the water looked clear, calm and no current-perfect until we got down a ways and the water got dark, green and only about 15’ visibility. Our down line was about 50’ from the wreck and because of this there were a few that did not see the plane and never found it. My buddies Ray, Joe and I did find it and had a great dive.

Next we went to the Peacock off Santa Cruz Island. We took some time getting the down line next to the wreck, but didn’t realize that by time we anchored the down line had drifted making it very hard for most everyone too even find the Peacock. The vis here was only about 10’ with a slight current making it even more difficult to see the wreck. I aborted my dive after about 10 minutes because with the conditions we had it just wasn’t worth trying to find and then safely get back to the boat.

Our 3rd dive was a short distance away at a place called Fence Line. This turned out to be an excellent dive with lots of large steep rock structure that created overhangs along the wall. I just wish my video camera battery didn’t die. This site will be on the agenda for another trip. Afterwards it was back to the dock arriving about 4:30. All in all the day turned out very good and it sounded like most everyone had a good time.

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