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Ventura County Deep Hole area 7/24/11

This trip turned out to be very popular with a waiting list. I only wish the conditions had been better. I have dived Deep Hole many times before and there are always more places to explore and check out with as large an area it is we usually will try and dive at least one new spot each trip. There is an actual deep site that would be Deep Hole proper, but I have yet to dive it because I haven’t really located it yet-someday!

We left about 8:00am with the 20 mile trip taking about 1 ½ hours, it was overcast out and at least the seas were good to us. When we arrived I thought –the vis doesn’t look to good and it wasn’t. The water was green and the vis was only 10’-15’ ft, the worse I have seen it. I have dove the same area before with 80’ vis, but 20’-40’ is more the norm. Our 1st site was at Painted Rocks (named by a friend) which is a very pretty site with lots of good rock structure. Of course with the bad vis you would have never known.

Because of the bad vis I thought lets go in a little shallower to the outer area of Harrison’s Reef, were we did find a little cleaner water but still not the best. Then for the 3rd and last dive we went to “The Ring” where I have had some excellent dives along the wall. It was one of those days that just was not the best day of diving. There was some confusion in the morning but it all worked out with the crew of the Raptor doing their best to help out and accommodate everyone.

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