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Coastal Deep Hole-(aka Yellowbanks) 11/19/11

Our intentions were good, but the weather was not …at least for going to the Deep Hole area so our plans changed and it was on to plan B and then plan C. The Deep Hole area has some excellent diving and the reports of good clean water would have made for a great day of diving except for the 20 miles between Ventura and Deep Hole. The problem with diving the coastal Deep Hole area (or problems) is the wind and swell are usually going against you on the way back and in the afternoon things usually pick up which can make for a rough ride back, so good weather is essential to dive the coastal Deep Hole are.

Any way’s, plan B (outer reefs of Anacapa) was also out because of the direction of the wind which became much stronger,  faster and sooner then expected so we went with plan C to Yellowbanks, Santa Cruz.

Yellowbanks is never disappointing and even with the wind we were able to get in 3 good dives with 30’+ visibility and water temperature around 60°. The wind did keep us from diving the deeper areas I had hoped for but we still got in the first 2 dives at around 50’-60’ and the 3rd was around 35’ deep. The area’s had good structure, no surge or swell and lots of lobster.

I managed to get 3 bugs and I grabbed many with most all of them just not yet legal and wanted to hang out till next year. I did see lots in groups of between 4-8 and lots of them were out, but of course they would then back way into their holes so all you could do is get frustrated. I think some night diving would be great in the area we where in so maybe a trip back at night before the end of bug season will be in order.

Again, the Explorer worked out great and it was very nice to hear that after talking to the owners (Tony & Candee) about the fills they decided to bump up the fill pressure from 3000psi to 3400psi, now that was a very good improvement! We also found out how to turn the bunk room lights off at night and for me being a very light sleeper this was another good improvement. There were others that really liked this and who wouldn’t. It’s nice to sleep when it’s dark. It goes to show you, surveys do help!

CIDA is getting ready to charter the Explorer for 6-8 trips through out 2012 so stay tuned and hopefully you can join us on some of them.

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