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Oil Rig/Wreck trip 12-17-11

Diving an oil rig always seems to be an exciting adventure and by the overwhelming response to this CIDA rig trip it wasn’t going to be any different. There’s  just something about cruising through a giant erector set type structure with abundant marine life everywhere you look. And when the conditions are as good as we had, there’s nothing better.

Before the trip there was some concern about the weather. The forecast called for 20-30 mph winds, rain and 3′-5′ swell and another forecast called for less swell . So who do you believe? I found it best no matter what the report says or what it’s like where you live to just go to the boat (unless you get the call not to) and see what happens. The forecast has been wrong before and it sure was on our rig trip. The conditions we had for the day was flat calm seas, no surge, maybe 1′-2′ swell, no wind at rig and some when we dove the wreck, cloudy with some sunshine coming through and a few rain drops, 50’+ vis on the rig and 30’+ vis on the wreck and high 50’s water temperature.

The day did start with some confusion and the captain dropped the anchor on a wreck that was 125′ deep (too deep for this trip). It turned out to be the Ace 1 which we will schedule for another trip. We then pulled anchor and headed over to the rigs. We did 2 dives on Eureka and with the conditions we had they were excellent dives! What is really nice is that the rigs and wrecks are all quite close to the San Pedro Harbor.

We then slowly moved to the next dive site for our 3rd dive which would be on the Georgia Straits, only about 3 miles out of the harbor. The Georgia Straits was a tug boat that sunk in August of 1965. There really isn’t much left now except for a small debris field and its engine, but it is a pretty dive with sea fans and metridums growing on pieces of the wreckage and it makes a good home for plenty of fish.

As I dropped down the anchor line I could tell we would be in for a treat diving the wreck because there was about 30’+ of visibility and no swell or surge. The wreck is sitting on a sandy bottom at about 80′ deep and because we were able to get a long surface interval before the dive I was able to inspect every nook and cranny. It was a great way to end the day! Once getting back topside the captain had set-up large rinse buckets with simple green and fresh water to clean our gear and then it was only about a 20 minute ride back to the dock. To top it all off the crew unloads your gear (if you want) and they take it all up to the loading dock for you, now that’s service! All this and we where back by 4:00pm.

If you would like to get in on another CIDA rig/wreck trip there are several scheduled throughout the year with the next one coming up on January 14, 2012.

I hope to see you on the next CIDA adventure!

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