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Rig/Wreck trip-January 14, 2012

This trip was scheduled because the last one filled up so fast and this trip wasn’t any different, there were even several  people on both trips. I guess it is just that under the rig it is never a dull moment with plenty to see and scallops of the plenty.

On this trip the plan was to dive the Olympic II for the 1st dive and then go to the rigs to finish our day of diving. The Olympic II is a short distance and it takes longer to fill the tanks then to get to the dive site. As we anchored I thought it should be a great dive because the sea & topside conditions were excellent and in fact as the day went by the ocean became flat as a lake with no wind and some cool clouds overhead. It was so calm that there were 2 boats pulling water skiers.

While the anchor was being set we all got suited up and then had the dive briefing and this is where things started to change for some (most) of us. The anchor was close to the wreck because  there was a trap close to where we wanted to be and most of us (including myself) just didn’t listen to the briefing very good plus the briefing could have been a bit more detailed so everyone knew that we needed to take a compass heading on the float over the wreck. Because of this some aborted their dive, some had a nice sand dive (my buddy and me) and a few listened and made it to the Olympic II. I heard there was about 15′ vis and a nice size ling cod was seen. O’ well you win some and lose some. For now on I am going to try real hard to make sure everyone understands what to do when we are not anchored directly to or next to a dive site.

I guess everything works out for a reason because we may have not found the wreck but the whale watching we had during our surface intervals made up for it and then some. That’s one (of many) thing I like about Captain Dave and the crew of the Pacific Star, there not into rushing and want to just have fun like everyone else but when it’s time to be serious and they have the safety of the passengers in their hands they don’t disappoint. They gave everyone plenty of time to see and get pictures of all the whales. One friend (Howard) said he should bring his wife out on the next rig/wreck trip because we have seen more whales on the trips then they ever have on a dedicated whale watching trip.

We finished the day off with our 2nd & 3rd dives on the rig-Eureka and like always they were great. There is just something about cruising through what seems like a giant erector set with cross beams and pipes covered with life to see, photo, video and collect scallops. Under the rig we had a good 50′ ft. + visibility , blue water and just a little current-what a great couple of dives. It’s funny because with a full boat of divers all on the same rig you would think it would be divers everywhere and you would be bumping into each other and you’re not. Everyone gets going in their direction and it works out great.

The ride back was equally as good talking with friends and having an ice cold beer with us getting back about 4:00-4:15. If you’re looking for a photo only trip to the rigs, CIDA has partnered with Bluewater Photo for a tips & demo day on Saturday, April 7, 2012. Hope to see you there!

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