Anacapa Arches (aka-Cat Rock area) 4/15/12

Lately with the weather we have been having you just don’t know what to expect. The days before the trip we had lots of wind and a rair amount of rain (much needed). The day and night before the trip the wind was howling at the harbor with some very strong gusts, it made you wonder what to expect in the morning.

Like I tell everyone, the weather forecast is all a prediction based on many things that sometimes is correct and then sometimes NOT. The thing to remember is,  when you sign up for a trip- go to the boat unless you are called beforehand,  which is what will happen if it is really bad. I had 1 person call 3 days before this trip about the weather to see if we were still going out. Even when everyone boarded in the morning I had one friend say “I don’t expect anything more than single digit vis” today-more on this later.

On all the CIDA trips (even when close to home) I show up to the boat early the night before and sleep on the boat so I can greet people and make sure everything goes good and it just so happened that I had 2 friends come by the night before and leave their gear and after they left it was just me. Needless to say I sure had a nice quite sleep with no one else aboard. When I woke up in the morning it was beautiful out with no wind at all-the start of a great day!

It was a full trip and when everyone was signed in it was off for a fun day of diving. There was a swell crossing over to Anacapa but nothing like what the forecast was saying. The only problem was the swell was moving right into the area for the planned dives, O’ well-plans are made to change! It was now to the backside of Anacapa.  As we got around the backside it turned out the Peace and Spectre where both there because it was the best place to be, why? There was no swell, some current but the biggest plus was over 50’+ ft. of visibility. On every dive we did you could see the bottom from the was AWESOME!

Two  dives where in the Cat Rock area with the 1st at the south side of Cat Rock and the 3rd was at west Cat Rock and they were both fun except that the brittle stars have taken over the area. Brittle stars are great for photography because of all the colors and shapes they have but you might start getting tired of them if you are just sightseeing.

The 2nd dive was around the corner at inside landslide. This was a nice close to shore kelp dive with a beautiful reef. There was some surge here depending on what part of the reef you where at but it was still a fun dive. To top it off the topside weather was excellent and as the day progressed it got even better with a very nice smooth ride across the channel and back to the dock getting us in about 6:00pm.

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