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Rig/Wreck 4/7/12

What’s better then a wreck dive? An AWESOME wreck dive! Earlier in the week the weather report didn’t look all that good but as the weekend drew near the report got better. Friday arrived and the weather report was looking really nice. My friend Pat and I left early and boarded about 7:00pm and then asked the crew where to go for some good burritos..they told us about the burrito factory not more than 5 minutes away.  Great place with good prices and the burritos were very good and as we finished them a few more passengers boarded the Pacific Star.

FYI-I was told by Captain Dave and crew that the 22nd St. Landing restaurant has a good burger with fries for only $10.00 but you must ask for it because it is not on the menu.

In the morning we left at 7:00am for the short trip out to the Olympic II, it’s only about 4 miles out. After getting the anchor towards the middle of the wreck and getting the briefing we were ready to go. I dove with Marybeth  throughout the day and she was an excellent dive buddy. It’s funny how when you get back to the boat after a dive and find out most everyone is thinking the same thing about the dive and that’s what happened on this trip.

As we started to descend to the wreck all I was thinking is that this is going to be a crap dive (WRONG) because of the 10′ or less vis but all of a sudden when we got to about 70′ deep the vis opened up with probably close to 40′ of vis., the best I have ever seen on the Olympic II. It sure made for an excellent dive. I now have the whole vision of the wreck in my mind and actually drew a picture of it. So much better than seeing little parts at different times. Everyone came up thinking it was going to be crap and it turned out to be an AWESOME dive!

We stated our dive about mid section and went towards the bow (west) past the 4 big pillars then turning around going to the stern and then it was time to leave this beautiful dive. We then moved to the rig, Eureka where we made dive #2. The conditions we had were the worst I have seen on Eureka, Elly or Ellen but more like what we used to have on the northern rig, Grace. The vis was 10′-20′ with a nice size swell and strong current running through the rig. Marybeth and I still had fun, you just had to get into the sweet spot on the opposite side of the part of the rig you were diving to get out of the current.

After the dive I considered going back to the wreck as the conditions where much better there than normal and then one of the passengers (Louis) came up to me because he was sent as the messenger to ask exactly what I was thinking. I decided to take a vote and the wreck won by quite a bit so it was off to the Olympic II for the 3rd dive. We had another good dive and the vis had dropped to about 20′-25′ and was still much better than doing a 3rd dive on the rig. We then had lunch on the short trip back to the dock getting back by 2:45pm.

A big thank you goes out to Bluewater Photo and Keli for coming out on the trip and doing a photo demo day. It worked out great and I found out (just needed to confirm it) that I need to get a strobe for my camera. What a fun day…thank you to everyone that made it possible!

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