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San Miguel 6/2/12

San Miguel Island is one of those places that I always thought was a make believe place because after 5 attempts and a few years I finally made it. The ride out to San Miguel is about 6 hours and if you make it there you’re not guaranteed to have the best conditions, above or below the water but when you do make it on a good day you will always want to go back.

One time on a 3 day trip on the Truth in July over 15 years ago we made it to San Miguel and had the best conditions you could ever hope for all 3 days and even though I am sure I will never make it there again with conditions like that it keeps me going back for more.

This was one those trips that we made it there but it wasn’t the best conditions. The water was cold (50°) and the visibility was only 10’-20’ feet with lots of krill in the water that can reduce the visibility to 0’. Either way we hunters had a great time with us all going home with something. Fresh lingcod and rockfish where on the menu for a few days..Yummy!

The dive sites we visited where very nice with lots of rock crevices, channels, kelp, fish and abalone.  The 1st dive was at Cuyler harbor, the 2nd was at Wycoff Ledge (nice wall) and the 3rd & 4th where at Taylor Bight. One very cool thing I seen was tons of hooded nudibranchs attached to the kelp at Cuyler Harbor. Hooded nudibranchs are very different then most nudibranchs. They are 3”-5” in length, all white and transparent and when they are not clinging to the kelp they swim through the water. The 1st time I seen hooded nudibranchs was in B.C. Canada on a night dive, not expecting or knowing anything about them I thought they maybe from another planet.

Anyways, the ride back was quite smooth, more so then the trip over with us getting back to the dock about 7:00pm. There are many things great about the Peace and crew but one thing I like is  the fact that they will do what is needed to get 4 dives I even if it requires them getting back late.

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