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Anacapa Island-February 2, 2013

It seems that Anacapa is a very popular dive destination and for as easy it is to get to and how many great sites it has I can see why but still this trip just blew my mind. Why you ask? Because it sold out so quickly and in early February. I just didn’t expect that but then it was on the Peace on a weekend and that is something that just doesn’t happen a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining and in fact I really like it when a trip sells out weeks in advance.

Anyways, the weather had been very calm all week prior to the trip with flat seas and sun and the day before the clouds moved in making it very overcast on the day of the dive but then as long as the seas were still nice it was all good. Most people came down the night before and because there were more people signed up then there where bunks (a typical thing on a full boat to Anacapa) I didn’t even have a bunk for myself but just in case I had my van, good thing I stole a bunk for the night and gave it back to its owner in the morning (thank you Claudette) and everyone was happy.

The plan for the day would be to make 1 deep dive and 3 other shallower dives but mother nature just didn’t want us to do that. We ended up doing a full circle around the island starting at the west end and working our way around the backside until we got to the Landing Cove for our 1st dive. The current was just too strong for the deep dive but then we were also treated to seeing a small whale very close to the Arch. The dive at the landing Cove was nice with good conditions and from there we moved to Cathedral Gardens.

Cathedral Gardens was an excellent shallow dive site with lots of big fish life, like the large male sheephead circling around you in the kelp probably thinking to themselves that “we are safe here except for a few cameras getting in our face” and then there was all the baby Hermissenda’s everywhere you looked. This site seemed to have it all including the best visibility of the day which was probably 30′-40′ ft. Next the Peace moved to the front part of the west end at Rat Rock where we would finish our day and where we started our day. We could either do 1 long dive or 2 short dives here and with the water temperature in the mid 50’s just about everyone did the 1 long dive except for a pair of brothers (Tony & Mike) who were the only brave souls to do 2 dives.

Shortly afterwards, it was time to get comfy for the ride back and celebrate a couple of birthdays (Cindy & Cindy) with a cake that I had brought for the special occasion. The cake along with the peach desert was a great way to finish an excellent day spent diving with good friends and making new ones along the way. Just in case you missed out on this trip CIDA has a full calendar with the next trip to the backside of Santa Cruz on March 9th and again aboard the Peace.

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