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Rig/Wreck-March 17, 2013

The CIDA Rig/Wreck trips always seem to be very popular and for many reasons-diving the rigs are awesome, diving the Olympic is also awesome (more awesome to me then the rigs) and the two fit together for a perfect day of diving, not to mention you get done and back to the dock early so you get home and clean your dive gear while it is still light out. The Olympic and rigs are artificial reefs and there is always something different to see on either and whether you are in too photography, hunting or sightseeing they are almost always a great dive EXCEPT for this trip but then I guess you just can’t win all the time!

We had a full boat, nice seas and an excellent day planned with my friend Cris doing a Korean BBQ for us and it all turned out great except the diving was not the best. The 1st dive was on the Olympic and with the Pacific Star tying off directly to the wreck it sure made the dive easy. Jake came up from tying to the wreck and said the vis was only about 10’ft so our expectations were low and after descending down through the pea soup I was thinking this isn’t going to be very good but then at about 80’ft or so the vis opened up to about 25’ft. It was dark but with vis like that it turned into a great dive and much better then we all expected.

We then moved over to the rig-Eureka and the water looked dark with a small swell running through it. As soon as we jumped in you could see the vis was not the best and as my buddies Marybeth, Cris and I did our dive collecting scallops I was thinking this is the worst conditions I have seen yet at the rigs. The swell didn’t look all that big but you sure could feel it even at 80’ft down, I even had to wedge myself in so I could get the scallops otherwise you just kept moving around too much. Quite a few others got scallops but it was a bit harder with the swell and after the dive I cleaned my scallops and gave them to Max so he could cook them up for a lunch time appetizer.

I did a 3rd dive finding a place to tuck into and did some photography while probably about two thirds of the people decided to sit out the third dive because of the condition and instead they kicked back and enjoyed the nice day topside. During the 3rd dive Cris BBQued some Korean style beef ribs for lunch which were excellent and with that we had the fresh scallops and some good beer that I brought for everyone. The trip was a success but the diving at the rigs was “hands down” the worst that I have ever seen at them so it can only get better. We had a slow cruise back to the dock socializing and visiting with each other with us getting in around 3:30. Even if the diving wasn’t the best the trip turned out great-Thank you all for coming out and enjoying another fun day with Channel Islands Dive adventures.


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