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Rig/Wreck-June 22, 2013

There is always something about these trips that keeps people wanting to see them. For me it’s the wreck of the Olympic and for most it is the rigs. No matter which one interests you one trip is never enough and that is probably why these trips usually fill fast.

P1000012This trip didn’t work out exactly as planned but in the end it sure seemed like everyone still had a good time. Our first stop was the Olympic but due to some problems the fill in captain was having anchoring and after several passes we decided to drop a crew person in over the wreck and tie a reel & float off the wreck but somewhere between the surface and the wreck the reel became unhooked so there went our last chance of the day for diving the Olympic. Due to time and passengers getting restless we decided to cut our loss and get to the rigs for our 3 dive day and have breakfast on the way.

P1000021Our 1st & 2nd dives were on Eureka and they were OK but there was a surface current and below the current line the vis dropped to about 20′, still good but not what we would have expected. The week before had been much better but a large swell moved in during the week making the conditions less than stellar. Some of us had fun taking pictures or just enjoying  their 1st rig dives while others limited out on some nice size scallops.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext we decided to have launch while slowly motoring over to the 2 rigs that are connected, Elly & Ellen for our 3rd dive and that turned out to be a very good move. Usually you would expect the deeper rig to have better conditions but on this trip it was the opposite.  The swell and current were not as much of a problem and there was one area around the center of the rig that was just teaming with life and schools of fish. It was an excellent spot for me to hang out with my camera.

Afterwards it was time to head back to the dock and was also an excellent time to talk with friends and of course have desert. We arrived back to the dock about 5:00 getting in later then all the other trips but at least it all turned out great!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you missed this trip please come and join us on the next one on Sept. 15th. This trip is set-up for the SoCal Shootout weekend and should be an excellent opportunity to hopefully get one of the winning shots!


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