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Anacapa (AKA-Santa Cruz)-February 2, 2014-Peace

This is always a very popular trip as it is one of the first trips for the Peace after having a month off for repairs and next year I think CIDA will end up with a full charter on this date instead of the usual half.

santa cruzThe northern islands seem to always get more wind than the southern ones and on this trip we had more winds so instead of Anacapa the Peace headed out to the backside of Santa Cruz. Some people ask “why is the Peace so popular” and this is one of many reasons why. They travel as far as needed to do their best to get the dives in and getting back to the dock by a certain time is not as much on their agenda as making sure the customer has a good day out diving.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnyways, we did travel a ways on this trip but it was worth it getting in some great dives with excellent conditions. The seas were calm on the backside of Cruz there wasn’t much wind or current to worry about, the visibility was 40’-60’ and the water temperature was in the high 50’s. Our 1st dive was at Flame Reef which is an excellent site with some good rock structure, kelp, lots of fish and small photo subjects-it is a site to please everyone.

santa cruzWe then headed further west to a couple of other good sites (which I have forgotten their names) that everyone seemed to enjoy. Most people did 3 dives and a few did 4 before our long ride back home. The ride back home is always better because you are going with the seas and not against them and you get the chance to see some beautiful sunsets.

It was another great day out on the water and if you missed this trip stay tuned because CIDA has plenty more in store for 2014!


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