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Catalina-January 26, 2014-Truth

The trips on the Truth out of Long Beach have been great and now they were getting better with the new membrane Nitrox system complete and working, this is something that everyone thought would never happen but now it has-YIPEE!

truthYes, the whole Truth Aquatics fleet now has 32% Nitrox fills at $6.00 per fill which is a great deal,  the only problem is now the crew & captain have something new to learn and getting down the timing of everything was a challenge on this trip but it will get better.

This trip was a half charter with PCH Scuba and it turned out good because the people in PCH Scuba are just as friendly as the CIDA people so we all had a great time.

P1000730We started our day again with a smooth ride out to our 1st dive site at Ship Rock and with the excellent conditions we had we stayed here for a 2nd dive. The only problem now with Ship Rock is the Sargussm grass has moved in and really taken a hold there for the worst. A lot of the grass is growing 6’-8’ tall and is completely covering the reef and the only way to see anything is to drop down under it. The visibility and water temperature where nice but it just isn’t the same here anymore. If you get down to about 70’ or deeper you can get past the grass and that is now where I think the dive starts.

P1000733Afterwards we started heading to Eagle Reef but I noticed the time was getting late because of the problems with timing and the Nitrox fills and I could see we only had enough time to go to one other dive site so I requested us to go to Isthmus Reef so we turned around and Isthmus Reef it was. This is a good dive site for everyone with some beautiful shallow areas and the wall that drops to some deep depths around it there is something for everyone and more picture taking subjects than Eagle Reef.  Sure enough we only had time for one long dive or two shorter dives and then it was time to head back to Long Beach.

The day turned out great with our friends from PCH Scuba and I think you will see more going on between PCH Scuba & CIDA in the near future!


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