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Farnsworth Banks/Catalina-January 5, 2014-Truth

CIDA had a full charter for this trip and I was really surprised how fast the trip filled up but then Farnsworth banks is one of those all time great SoCal dives that always worth the try to get out there and of course on this trip we were not disappointed!

catalinaAgain, with the awesome winter conditions we have been having the ocean was flat as a pancake, the sun was out, the water was clean and all the whales and dolphins that were out this trip was a special treat.  The whole backside of Catalina was just teaming with life and it was the first time for a number of us to see baby dolphin’s in the wild. There were two that I seen that seemed to stay behind of the others and when they jumped the waves they looked to be about 2 feet long. Someone mentioned that they were probably only weeks old. What a cool site to see and this was before our first dive!

We had a new Captain on board the Truth for this trip and he seemed to be a very nice guy. There was also some new crew and I think with some of the old crew having to come down from the Santa Barbara area it was taking its toll on some of them so it looked like some changes were in the air.

farnsworthWhen we arrived at Farnsworth banks it looked like some excellent conditions. Of course there was some current but the visibility looked great and it was worth a try for our 1st dive. It turned out so good we stayed for our 2nd dive. The water temperature was about 58 and the visibility was at least 60’ or better. A few people had some issues with the current but it looked like everyone was enjoying the dives and from the looks of the pictures and video’s afterwards you could see we had some good dives.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfterwards we moved to the west end of Catalina near Eagles Nest and it was here we finished our day of diving staying long enough for a few divers to make 2 dives here. I didn’t find it as the most interesting dive site but then you don’t know till you try it. We than had an excellent ride back to the dock with more marine mammal sighting making this an EXCELLENT day!


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