Deep Hole-November 8, 2014

By Ken Kollwitz

This is always one trip I look forward to because the Deep Hole/Neptune’s area is really best between October and January and with the excellent weather we were having I would was expecting it to be great and for the most part id didn’t disappoint us.

explorerThe Explorer out of Ventura works well for this trip, 3 dives in a rather small area and back by 6:00 pm. Don’t get me wrong, just because it is a smaller area then diving the islands there are plenty of good sites and some to be discovered like we did this day.

Deep Hole There aren’t many names for dive sites in the Deep Hole/Neptune’s area and when we do name them you know they are always worth going back to and some we just haven’t decided what to call them yet. What I really like about this area is that there is something for everyone and it doesn’t have the diver pressure like most other places due to its location. Most people would never guess that the Deep Hole/Neptune’s area is just about twice the distance in miles as it is to Anacapa.

Deep Hole 12-20-08 026Our first dive was an outer area in about 80’ of water but we actually missed the mark when the anchor went down and with the visibility only about 15’-20’ it made it hard for some to find the correct spot. This outer area is a series of very large rocks creating some very cool terrain. There is some kelp but not long enough that it grows to the surface. This was a good dive but because we missed the actual spot I had to do some swimming to get to the correct spot.

Afterwards we moved in a little shallower to about 50’-60’ and this time we got the anchor in the correct spot. The reef here was bigger with lots of bull kelp, crevices, some lobsters and fish and lots of cool things to take pictures of. Vis was also better here running about 25’-30’. Topside the weather was still the same with it being a bit overcast but no wind.

deep holeFor our last dive we were heading to a spot called the “Ring” but actually dropped the anchor in an area that looked very cool on the depth finder with lots of high structure plus the vis here looked awesome. I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I got in I could tell I was in for a treat and a treat it was. This was close to area’s I have dived before but they were nothing like this site. Lots of very tall structure’s that looked to me like Towers, walls about 10’-12’ tall, some big crevices, LOTS of kelp, fish, some lobsters and P1010516much to photograph had I had my camera. You could tell this was an extra special dive by hearing everyone comment about it when back on the boat. One person told me he un-banded his spear gun and just enjoyed the dive because it was so beautiful. This site is now called the Towers and if you would like to dive it someday you will need to join CIDA on one of our coastal trips.

On the way back we had a beautiful sunset and calm ride to the dock in Ventura Harbor and another wonderful day aboard the Explorer!

Check here for video on Towers