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The CIDA Difference

The CIDA Difference

You might ask, what is the CIDA difference? We like to think it is the reason so many people are using our trips opposed to someone else’s! Our Mission Statement sums it up good but since starting out 7 years ago we have added some things to make CIDA even better.

Mission Statement-Channel Islands Dive Adventures mission is to offer well organized dive trips to unique and interesting destinations with a dive/travel guide present, to help foster new friendships with other like-minded divers and above all to promote safe and fun diving.

When people show up for a CIDA trip we want them to not only know there is someone on board to welcome them and make them feel welcome but also to have someone on board to help them out with anything that might be needed and when they go home they feel like they just left a fun family gathering and can’t wait till the next time to see everyone. To do this we have some excellent trip leaders/trip hosts such as BJ Rogers & Steve Roquemore and Ken Kollwitz. Each at the least has a divemaster rating and plenty of years’ experience diving and helping others. Maybe you need a dive buddy, having an issue with your dive gear, maybe left something at home, have a problem you don’t want to share with everyone-whatever it is we are there for you and want to make your CIDA experience the best ever.

We are the only group that have Dive Tracker’s for our customers to use and try out on almost all trips.  Dive Trackers consist of two components, a transmitter (pinger) and a receiver. Using the indicators on the receiver, a diver can easily return to any location or object marked with a transmitter. To aid in the return to a boat, the transmitter is usually lowered from the boat or attached to the anchor line. These are great for the compass and directionally challenged.

We also think we should do our part in helping the dive community as they are part of our success so why not give back when we can. We are starting this year (2015) to donate money to 3 ocean/dive related charities or groups each year. We have been a sponsor of the Avalon Underwater cleanup for the past 6 years and this year we plan to start helping out by supporting chamber day & chamber evening.

Another way we help the dive community is to offer clubs that support CIDA (currently 7 clubs) a 5% discount and a 10% discount to any military personnel who is active, served or retired. It doesn’t get much better than that! Also for clubs that support us we offer free trips for them to raffle off at their club parties and some meetings throughout the year.

For trips we don’t believe in having just open boats with no plan involved so we try our best to get divers to new spots and some of these we provide the dive boat with the GPS coordinates. We also try to instill safety on all trips. We love wrecks and when we do a wreck trip we usually have Patrick Smith, a local SoCal wreck expert on the trips to let everyone know the history behind the wrecks and maybe the best way to dive the wreck and what to expect.

Check out our Dive Schedule, we always have something for everyone whether you are a sightseer, photographer or hunter. We also run some photo only trips with some awesome photographers who are on the trip to share what they know along with giving tips and pointers on how to make the most of your photography.

We believe in letting people do what they want as long as they have the training for things such as using doubles, rebreathers and scooters. After all dive trips should be fun!

We run fun group dive vacation trips to warm and cold water destinations year round along with offering dive insurance and trip insurance through Divers Alert Network and DiveAssure.  Always best to be prepared by having yourself covered in case something should ever happen.

What is the best thing about CIDA?  We are always “Striving for Different Diving” and to make Channel Islands Dive Adventures the best we can be so please give us a try for your next dive trip and see for yourself the “CIDA Difference”.