North Carolina-July 4-11, 2015

P1020022Our North Carolina trip was another huge success. It seems that when we make it there we are always lucky to dive everyday which we are always told is not normal but when we have to cancel we have to cancel BIG and that means the entire trip before leaving home. So far 5 trips planned and 3 successful trips!

P1020067We had 3 days out to the fossil Ledge (shallow and deep) and 3 days out diving wrecks. The wrecks we dived were the Hyde, John D Gill & the City of Houston with some cool goodies taken on the City of Houston. The next trip that we will probably plan back to NC will be in about another 2 years or so and will be more wrecks out of Morehead City with some artifact collecting and either 2 or 3 days out to the fossil ledge.

P1020113The only problem for the megladon teeth collecting is that they are running out and not as plentiful as before, thanks more to the commercial guys who stay out offshore for days at a time using scooters to blow away the top layer of sand making it hard to find any without some digging. Everyone went home with something, some more than others but that is the name of the game!

P1020070Weather turned out good. It wasn’t the best we have had but very doable except for those prone to getting seasick. We did 4 days diving on the Aquatic Safaris 1 and 1 day on their smaller boat Aquatic Safaris 2 which was probably the wettest ride I have had yet on a boat.

P1020065I didn’t bring my camera on this trip but I did bring my GoPro and Sola light set-up which somehow decided to leave me and I don’t even know when except it was around our last dive at the shallow fossil ledge site. Good thing it has my name & phone number on it in several places and the area is dived quite a lot so I have faith that someone is going to find it and give me a call. All the boat captains that visit that area have also been notified in case someone finds it.

P1020015While there we enjoyed the awesome 4th of July firework show down by the water side, did some restaurant sampling during the week and some sightseeing at the Southport Maritime Museum along with a tour of the USS P1020199North Carolina battleship. The last day we toured the nearby Arlie Gardens and then it was time to drive back to Raleigh/Durham for our flight back home. Visiting NC is always FUN and with no passports required it makes for an excellent trip.

By Ken Kollwitz