Santa Cruz 2 day-Peace, July 31 & August 1, 2015

P1020310Santa Barbara Island (SBI) would have been great but sometimes things just don’t work out as planned and that can happen anytime for various reasons. There was a south swell and possible wind at SBI and with SBI only about 1 square mile in size you just don’t have lots of hiding spots if the weather isn’t all that great so we thought it best to go to the frontside of Santa Cruz Island.

P1020308Our trip to Cruz turned out good and weather was on our side. Calm seas, sunny, warm water, some good diving and lots of new divers getting the chance to spend time in the water learning new things. We actually had 2 families of 4 and a father/son combo. I know the crew had a little extra work but then it all worked out in the end and now there are some new divers that want to keep diving which is what this sport REALLY needs.

P1020269Friday we spent the day towards the west end looking for kelp and sealions and found none but the dives were still good plus we had the chance to go into Painted Cave which is always a treat. We spent the night in Pelican’s anchorage watching the big beautiful moon come up and later hearing cool stories of all the awesome things


people seen on the night dive along the wall in the anchorage. Saturday we moved to the east around Scorpions which turned out to be great because the dive sites all had lots of healthy looking kelp and we were also blessed with some harbor seal & sealion sightings.

Of course this still wasn’t SBI but then we all had some great dives and less travel time and by the end of the trip everyone seemed to make new friends. The moral of this story is when signing up for any trip always have an open mind and be prepared for plans to change because sooner or later they will and when they do you will have much more fun if going with the flow then pouting about what it isn’t!



When doing any multi-day trip you need to think of value. On this trip we had the chance to make 5 day dives and 1 night dive on Friday and 4 dives on Saturday. All could be an hour or so and I (Ken) did one that was 75 minutes long and no rushing in between because we had to be back by a certain time not to mention all the P1020258GOOD food there was to eat. If you figure what you pay for a single day trip and the dives you get in it doesn’t take long to see why 2 & 3 day trips make so much sense.

The Peace crew always goes out of their way to make sure you have the best time possible and they for sure did that this trip!

By Ken Kollwitz