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Oil Rigs-Asante-July 9, 2016

Oil Rigs-Asante-July 9, 2016

By Ken Kollwitz

Here at Channel Islands Dive Adventures we like the Asante Dive boat out of San Pedro. It is small and fast and perfect for rig trips and other local dive sites. On this particular day we went to the oil rigs for a three tank dive on the Eureka and the twin rigs, Elly and Ellen. We departed the harbor promptly at 7 am on July 9th and were in the water at the Eureka oil rig making our first dive at 8:00 a.m. Love the fast boat!

Surface conditions were outstanding with warm air, calm seas and great company. Below surface conditions were good with the visibility ranging from 25’ to 50’. The water temps were warm ranging from 67 (80’) to 71 degrees (surface) for all three dives. There was some surge and the water was a little green, but the pilings were covered with life, schools of fish were present in all directions and we also had a few playful sea lions joining in on the fun. In addition there was a variety of juvenile fish everywhere along with garibaldis guarding their nests. In between dives, we filled our bellies with snacks, lunch and birthday cake on the way home for my favorite dive buddy. We were back at the dock around 3:00 pm. Thank you to the crew, Captains Kevin and Terry, for making this a great day on and below the water with new and old dive friends.


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