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Santa Rosa Island (aka-San Miguel) –Truth-May 14, 2016

DSCN1587This trip was originally scheduled for Santa Rosa Island but after talking to captain Davey of the Truth about the predicted marine forecast we figured our best option would be to change our plan and go to San Miguel so we left 1 hour earlier and Miguel it was. Almost always when the plan changes due to weather we would have gone to Santa Cruz Island but with all the wind we have had so far this year that is where we have been ending up and we REALLY wanted a change. What a welcome change it was!

Of course our rescheduling to San Miguel didn’t come with the usual somewhat bouncy ride especially when we had to make some turns DSCN1581and the topside wind and cold water you get there but hey-it was Miguel with lots of kelp and plenty of fish, large abalone and other cool things to see. Speaking of kelp we had a really nice fun group of divers from the South Orange County Dive Club and they were amazed at the kelp and how thick and lush it was after doing most of their dives down south around the Catalina area which has been hit very hard with the sargassum grass infestation.

DSCN1582The only downside was we were hoping for 4 dives but due to the weather and trying to get the anchor to hold on 1 dive we ran out of time but to be honest with the cold water and wind I think most everyone was good with what we got including myself. Water temp was in the low 50’s and visibility was about 25′-30′ and we did dives at Wyckoff Ledge and 2 between Wyckoff & Tyler Bight which are some of my favorite areas off San Miguel. It looked like everyone seen lots of BIG sheephead, nice sized lingcod, Big Johnny bass, HUGE abalones and lots of life ever place you looked. A good day was had by most and I know there are quite a few that would like to go back.

By Ken Kollwitz