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Anacapa-Explorer-August 21, 2016

Anacapa-Explorer-August 21, 2016

By Ken Kollwitz

Things have been very busy lately for CIDA and so much so I forgot to post our report from Aug. 21st aboard the Explorer with PCH Scuba.

We had a full boat, fun people, calm seas and a beautiful day out. We had lots of newer divers that did a very good job especially for those that this trip was there first boat dive. It sure helped with Tom Figueroa doing a boat briefing on the way out. You know, when you go someplace for the first time like on a boat trip there are lots of things you just don’t know or think about so having a short briefing on what to expect and dive etiquette can only be a good thing.

We did 3 dives with the 1st at Channels, the 2nd at the Winfield Scott and the 3rd at Cathedral Cove. Lots of nice kelp and I didn’t even see any saragussm grass which is very good. We had warm water, like in the high 60’s and some decent vis. All our dives were shallow and very pretty dive sites.

As always the crew did a great job especially Candee who works her a%& off! I think it is safe to say everyone had a fun day out.


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