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Palawan/Avalon wrecks-Asante-Aug. 13, 2016

Palawan/Avalon wrecks-Asante-Aug. 13, 2016

By Ken Kollwitz

The Asante is a great boat for small groups of 12 or less and fast so you can get 3 dives in and be back from most places by 2:00-3:00 and for trips to the Palawan it works especially good.

We did the Palawan for our first dive and dad dirty green water to about 50′ deep. After 50’ it cleared up to at least 30′ vis or better but dark from the dirty water above not letting the sunlight through. For once I made it to the bow (I always went the wrong direction) and loved that view. You could see pipes and debris laying in the sand so that will be another trip back for exploration. I had my drysuit out for repairs so I had my wetsuit and hooded vest on which actually felt very comfortable. Even at depth it was nice.

For the 2nd dive we planned on doing the Avalon but the fishing boats all around that area quickly changed our plans so it was onward to Hawthorne Reef which I never have done before but always wanted to. We muscled in on the LAUPS group aboard the Giant Stride and it looked like it worked out good. Nice reef with LOTS of small stuff and some BIG anchors making this a must come back to dive spot. For our 3rd dive we were just off Point Vicente at a spot that made me think of my first certification dives off Catalina many years ago. There were lots of big rocks, kelp, fish and it was shallow and clear water. Turned out to be an awesome dive!


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