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Palos Verdes Coastal-Asante-Aug. 27, 2016

Palos Verdes Coastal-Asante-Aug. 27, 2016

By Ken Kollwitz

CIDA almost has a trip every weekend and this past weekend on Saturday, Aug. 27th we did Palos Verdes aboard the Asante. For everyone going to Catalina all the time (besides the dive park for training) they are really missing out. The coastal stuff along PV just like the Ventura/LA County line area is SO overlooked it is mind boggling but then maybe I shouldn’t be giving a BIG secret away.

We left at 7 am, did 3 excellent dives and were back by 2:30 pm. No crowds, healthy reefs with plenty of life (including that stuff they call kelp), excellent calm seas and good vis. Our first dive was Christmas Tree Cove which was awesome. Water temp on the outer part was around the high 50’s and the inner part you where you could see the warm & cold water mixing was in the high 60’s to low 70’s.

Our 2nd dive was a bit deeper at Hawthorne Reef which is an amazing site! Very little kelp but all the other life truly makes up for the lack of kelp. There was lots of small stuff here including many different types of nudibranchs. This is for sure a must do spot for CIDA to go back to with more exploring in the deeper areas for other cool reefs like Hawthorne Reef.

Our 3rd dive was the east side of Pt. Vicente just under the light house. Another nice shallow reef here with it sloping out to deeper depths. Lots of rocks with kelp in the shallow area and less kelp as you get deeper past 40′ or more. Seen quite a few fish at all the sites and the reefs looked very healthy. I seemed to be camera challenged on this trip but you will still get a good idea of the small things you can see.

If this report sounds good and you are up to experience something new please join CIDA on our next trip to the PV area on Oct. 9, 2016. For this next trip we will be staying out of the MPA’s as it is the beginning of lobster season.


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