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Oil Rigs-Magician- March 19, 2017

Oil Rigs-Magician- March 19, 2017

By Ken Kollwitz

This was CIDA’s 1st dive trip aboard the Magician with Carl and crew (Dani, Steven & Richard), taking good care of us. The crew was great and worked hard, the boat is nice and clean, they have a nice swim step, good food and it is well run! Of course nothing is perfect because the bunks have MUCH too be desired but then you just can’t have everything.

We did our 1st dive at Elly/Ellen, and then we went over to Eureka for our 2nd dive and back to Elly/Ellen for the 3rd dive. Weather was excellent and we had calm seas till the 3rd dive when the winds picked up telling us to go home. I never looked at my temperature gauge so it couldn’t have been too cold and vis was good.

One thing I thought very interesting was the sighting of what looked like a bat ray by quite a few of the divers while diving the rig but of course I missed out. Has anyone else ever seen something like that? Turns out they are a type of pelagic bat ray which isn’t all that common.

Thanks to BJ & Steve for their excellent trip hosting skills while I had fun collecting my limit of scallops and trying to take some pictures. All in all it was a great day out diving with friends!


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