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Santa Cruz-Peace- March 26, 2017

Santa Cruz-Peace- March 26, 2017

By Ken Kollwitz

We had a fun trip out to the backside of Santa Cruz on Saturday, March 25th aboard the Peace-one of CIDA’s favorite boats. Again we shared with PCH Scuba, diving Flame Reef, Heart Attack Reef, Coches Prietos & Alberts. Vis was 20′-40′ and the water temp was around 57 degrees. Not bad and it can only get BETTER from here! There was plenty of kelp growing everywhere which is a very good sign, good structure and bottom topography on the reefs with lots of fish small stuff to check out.

We had a good group of FUN divers, good weather and good conditions making this an excellent day out! The seas were relatively calm on the way out with some rocking and rolling on the way back in along with some threatening looking clouds early on that turned to a short period of rain during the 2nd dive. After that it cleared up and was BEAUTIFUL out.

Santa Cruz Island is beautiful looking after the rains with plenty of green and lots blooming coreopsis. Ah, spring is in the air! I think it is safe to say everyone had great day.


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