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SBI (aka-outer Islands)-Truth-April 8 & 9, 2017

SBI (aka-outer Islands)-Truth-April 8 & 9, 2017

By Ken Kollwitz

We had a 2 day trip to Santa Barbara Island this over the weekend of April 8/9 aboard the Truth but the weather gods changed that for us so it turned into another Santa Cruz trip which seems to be the norm lately. I will say the diving conditions sucked with green water, bad vis and some surge but I have that feeling that even if we made it to SBI the conditions would not have been much better.

santa cruzNow the great part was the topside weather was nothing like what was PREDICTED! We did show up to some rain on Friday evening, had a smooth ride over with Captain Davey saying “had I thought it would be this nice we would have crossed between Santa Rosa & Santa Cruz instead of going all the way around Santa Cruz”. The rest of the trip was very uneventful as far as weather and actually I have had much worse rides to Anacapa on day trips!

Now the BAD part (and this seems to be a growing trend)!! It seems too many of us divers like to think of ways to get out of diving so we have become weather people checking the conditions every day with a very watchful eye and no matter where we look the PREDICTED conditions are the same. Of course we BELIEVE everything we read and see on the internet because it must be true and the weather people NEVER make any wrong forecasts (ya-right).

Usually it seems if the actual weather is half of what the PREDICTED forecast is that is probably more like what you will get (if that). Even the boat captains who know the local weather better than anyone (in my opinion) sometimes get stumped.

Just remember the weather during the entire year is not normal anymore so you just gotta go with the flow, hope to have great conditions and smile knowing you are out diving and making new friends and if you don’t make it to your destination-keep trying or stay home!!!



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