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Oil rigs-magician-July 9, 2017

By Ken Kollwitz

Had a trip to the oil rigs on Sunday, July 9th aboard the Magician and had a GREAT day!

Why did we have a GREAT day you might ask? Because we had quite a few new (FUN) people out, some regulars and my friend Ernest Yale from Montreal who I almost thought was giving up diving. Good thing he isn’t because he is lots of fun to spend time with and it was great catching up on life!

We did our 1st dive on Ellen, 2nd dive on Eureka and the 3rd and last dive on Elly. I might have the 1st and 3rd dives switched but that won’t make the report any different. We had calm, flat seas, sunny skies and nice temperatures on the water which wasn’t so on land due to the heat wave that was happening. Visibility was good on all dives running about 50′-80′ with blue water down to around 60′-70′ where it became green. I was told that deeper it did get blue and clear again but that was quite a bit beyond what us recreational divers were going to be diving too. Water temp was around low 60’s on Elly and Ellen but at Eureka there was a very noticeable thermocline bringing the temperature down to around the mid 50’s.

The rig support and cross braces had been cleaned to around 50′ deep but below that there was plenty of life not to mention the sealions that were having a field day checking us divers out. Seen some schooling fish but nothing like what we had been seeing a couple years back and our deep divers on rebreathers seen a large Mola Mola at about 120′.

Diving the oil rigs is an excellent day not to mention you get back to the dock early and of course Captain Carl and his second Captain/cook/do anything person Diane and our DM Jordan all worked hard to make our day the best it could be-Thank you!


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