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Trip Guest Photographers

Channel Islands Dive Adventures Trip Guest Photographers

CIDA doesn’t do underwater photography only trips but we do have guest photographers on many of our trips. These guest photographers are very knowledgeable, professional and very easy to approach. We have them on our trips to answer any questions you might have and to offer any free advice or suggestions. They are there for you and this benefit is FREE!

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Michael Zeigler

michael zeiglerSince creating his first underwater image in 2009, Michael Zeigler has been captivated by the unique challenges that underwater photographers face.  He has had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the best publishing editors from around the world, has become a member of the Ocean Artists Society, and has co-founded the company Immersed Imaging with his good friend, Todd Winner. Teaching is a passion of Michael’s, and he thoroughly enjoys helping his fellow photographers take their imaging skills to the next level.

2019 trips that Michael will be on

  • Jan. 5th-Truth-Gull Island
  • Nov. 16th & 17th-Peace-Begg Rock/San Nicolas

Brent Durand

brent-durand-guest-photographerBrent Durand is a professional writer and underwater photographer with work published worldwide. Brent is constantly sharing dive adventures on social media and publishes instructional videos on his photo tutorials website. He is a brand ambassador for BARE Sports, Stahlsac and PNY. He is easy to approach and has experience shooting with a wide

range of cameras. Follow his adventures on Instagram and Facebook.


2019 trips that Brent will be on

  • May 25th & 26th-Truth-Santa Barbara Island

Brook Peterson

Brook Peterson is an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer who enjoys capturing the beauty of the underwater environment throughout the world. She is an original member of the SEA&SEA Alpha program. Her work has been featured in both print and online magazines.  She is the owner of Waterdog Photography and authors a blog on underwater photography and techniques.

More of her work can be found at www.waterdogphotography.comFacebook,

and instagram@waterdogphotography_brook.

2019 trips that Brook will be on

  • April 6th-Truth-San Miguel
  • Aug. 31st-Magician-Oil Rigs
  • Nov. 2nd-Truth-SM1 & Gosford
  • Dec. 21st-Peace-Coastal Deep Reefs

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