Running Channel Islands Dive Adventures is a labor of love and the website is no different. Without the help of some others it would be very difficult to have the content, information and overall look that it does which CIDA hopes you enjoy.

This page is for Channel Islands Dive Adventures (and Ken Kollwitz) to say THANK YOU to those that have contributed and helped CIDA out. Without these individuals CIDA would not be able to continue to grow!

Todd Winner has been diving and photographing marine life since 1990. His work has appeared in commercials, books and private collections.   Todd is a regular contributor to Sport Diver and Scuba Diving magazines and has won over 60 international underwater photography competitions. Recently, Todd co-founded Immersed Imaging with friend and fellow photographer, Michael Zeigler. He is a member of the Ocean Artists Society, which uses art to raise awareness in protecting our oceans.

Michael Zeigler-“Since creating his first underwater image in 2009, Michael Zeigler has been captivated by the unique challenges that underwater photographers face.  He has had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the best publishing editors from around the world, has become a member of the Ocean Artists Society, and has co-founded the company Immersed Imaging with his good friend, Todd Winner. Teaching is a passion of Michael’s, and he thoroughly enjoys helping his fellow photographers take their imaging skills to the next level.”

Patrick Smith is probably one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to wrecks in our SoCal area. Patrick co-wrote “Shipwrecks of Southern California” with Bonnie J. Cardone and hopefully will be making a volume 2. He is an excellent speaker (Scuba Shows) and works with the National Marine Sanctuary on underwater cultural resources. Patrick is a guest on some of the CIDA wreck trips bringing handouts and giving a brief history on the wrecks CIDA dives. Pat and his wife Cindy are regulars on CIDA trips.

Jonathan Hanks is a good friend, excellent diver and explorer like myself (except he has more time for it) who loves wreck diving. Jonathan is responsible for all the cool multi-beam, side scan and hybrid images for some of the wrecks on this website. Jonathan has also been instrumental in finding other very exciting dive sites including some local wrecks.

The California Wreck Divers have been very helpful with the use of some pictures and information used on the CIDA website for some of the wrecks CIDA visits. I have known many of the CWD members for many years running trips to places like the Honda wrecks off Vandenberg and now I have finally joined the CWD. It was about time! To learn more about CWD check out their website at

Leslie Butler Krumtinger is the niece of John C. Butler and has supplied CIDA family photos and a bio about her Uncle and how the US Navy Battleship “John C. Butler” was named after him.  For his heroism, Butler and six other members of his squadron were awarded the Navy Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor for bravery. The John C. Butler now rests at 80′ deep off Northwest Harbor, San Clemente Island.

Joseph C. Dovala is a photojournalist that has had many of his articles and pictures in Dive Training, Dive Alert, California Diver, Scuba Diver and many other magazines and publications. CIDA would like to thank Joe for the use of some of his many excellent photos on the CIDA website and newsletters. To see and learn more about Joe please go to his

Andy Solomon was on a CIDA rig/wreck trip and as the result of it he donated some pictures for CIDA to use. Andy is a professional photographer who has traveled the world, does articles for major magazines and teaches photo class in his spare time. Please check out more info about Andy at his

Pat Crane is an excellent photographer, diver and friend who has been on many CIDA trips and has supplied some awesome pictures for the CIDA website that CIDA has used to promote many trips, mainly the coastal trips.

John Van Der Kamp is another excellent diver and friend who liked to take pictures with his point and shoot camera. John has some of the best pictures I have seen from a point and shoot and his pictures have been used by CIDA to promote many trips .

Chris Williams is a friend I met in a dive class I helped out with along with her family and it turned out she is also a very good artist who likes to draw. Chris is responsible for getting the vision I had for the logo to an actual drawing that could be used for another friend who did the graphics. Thank you, Chris!

Rob Sankovich is another friend I meet through the Channel Islands Dive club who loves to explore, camp and dive Jade Cove as much as I do. Rob is a graphic designer and took Chris’s drawing and turned it into the current Channel Islands Dive Adventures round logo. Good job Rob!

Nick Duran is a graphic artist who really helped out in getting the new CIDA logo together. The ideas and layout where mine but I needed someone who get it in a finished format where it could be used for stickers, patches, t-shirts and other items to help promote Channel Islands Dive Adventures.

Kevin & Liz Sullivan make an excellent photo/video team and have contributed their combined talents to CIDA. They put together and excellent video on the CIDA Kopco Star expedition on September 17, 2010. It is always fun to have them both out diving on CIDA trips