What is CIDA

People are always asking or referring to Channel Islands Dive Adventures as a club, a shop, a travel agency and sometimes the owner of the boats that CIDA charters and the answer would have to be none of those, but a little of some of them if that makes sense.

Channel Islands Dive Adventures LLC is a home-based business that organizes and plans scuba trips (mainly charters) on various dive boats with 4 main goals in mind. Those 4 goals are to offer trips to specific unique dive destinations, to promote diver safety, to offer reasonable priced trips and above all to have fun with other like-minded divers.

  • CIDA is not a club with dues and discounts on club activities although Ken (the guy who runs CIDA) has a long history with dive clubs. CIDA does work with many clubs  and likes to welcome everyone on a trip like they are a club member.


  • CIDA is not a dive shop, no store here just the home office & the Internet.


  • CIDA is not a travel agency although we do set up group CIDA trips fo many warm and cold water destinations. Check the Dive Calendar or Dive Vacations pages for the most up to date trip info. Any suggestions?


  • CIDA is not an owner or part owner of any dive boat, but we do work closely with the boats that CIDA uses for its trips.


If your with a dive club and would like to offer some exciting trips for your club members like the CIDA trips or become a Channel Islands Dive Adventures sponsor-please call or email us.

Some of the CIDA trips you will not find anywhere else!