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Anacapa-Peace-Nov. 29, 2015

anacapa island

Anacapa Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Nov. 29, 2015 and it turned out wonderful.

It was another good day out to Anacapa on this trip with some new and old divers having fun together. Full boat with fun people = good trip! There was a little wind and current to contend with so the pick of sites wasn’t optimal but like always the Peace crew does their best to make our day the best it can be.

anacapa islandWe did 3 dives on the backside (south) of Anacapa. The 1st was a cove (someone’s name) but I forgot the name of it, the 2nd & 3rd dives were at another site a little to the east of the 1st dive. In front of the Peace was Underwater Island out away from the island and behind us was Channels. The 4th spot was the Landing Cove by the Arch which is always a good dive especially when the water was still rather warm and vis was good.

anacapa islandI had fun trying out 2 new things. The 1st was a new wide angle lens and port and the second was spooning. We all know what trying out a new camera, lens or strobe is all about but I bet not many know what spooning is? Spooning is a new sport at least on the Peace and if you are lucky enough they will show you how to play. First anacapa islandthey find some unsuspecting soul like myself and just before the dive when you are busy doing other things they clip a large metal kitchen spoon on to you someplace. I think they do it so they can get it REALLY clean.

Anyways, you jump in and might notice it. I did shortly afterwards and had fun till that blue shark seen it and got close. I had to wave that spoon at it to scare it away. It worked great for picture taking because it was like trolling anacapa islandfor fish. Now mind you this LARGE spoon is hanging down from my crotch so when I went up to Mike Hartley and waved it at him a couple of times he had this look on his face like-well you can probably guess! Just remember the next time you are on the Peace and they ask you if you would like to go spooning you will know what they are talking about but chances are they will sheepishly not say anything while they are plan to make you play the game.

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By Ken Kollwitz