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Anacapa-Peace-Nov. 26, 2017


Anacapa Island dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on Nov. 26, 2018 and was LOTS of fun. It was a full boat sharing with our friends at PCH Scuba for a 4 dive day. Luckily we had some very CALM waters and a group of FUN people. What I think is especially good about the trips we do is that we have people from all walks of life and all level divers and everything just works out-NO DRAMA-amen to that!!!

We left the dock at 7 promptly and arrived at our first dive, had our briefing and were ready take the plunge at around 9. I was excited as the water looked so nice and inviting with good vis, calm waters and a great dive site-Coral Reef. My buddy was Deanna Leslie who was breaking her long surface interval of about 15 years. Deanna did AWESOME and after I heard she was from the old Ventura College NAUI program I knew why!

The dive at Coral reef was beautiful with LOTS of nice rocky reef, tall rock structure, lots of nice kelp, fish and lobsters and those darned brittle stars. Afterwards The Peace crew picked up anchor and moved to outer Cat Rock which was OK but not as nice as the first dive.

Our third dive site was Portuguese Rock next to the Pelican Reserve and this was an excellent dive. LOTS of nooks and crannies to explore with lots of big fish and just a FUN dive to do. By now people were getting a bit cold so some decided to stay on board and see how the hot tub worked and they were not disappointed.

For the fourth dive we were at Landing Cove and the main point of interest here is the LARGE underwater arch. My buddy Deanna didn’t do this one so I lead some fun divers (Mélissa Peng and Kevin) to the arch and would you believe as soon as we got there there was a small sea lion doing its acrobatic moves right in front of the arch. It paid off being the first divers to the arch!

The day turned out great and we had a nice cruise back to the dock arriving about 7 ish. As always the crew of the Peace took very good care of us and we all had FUN together. Days like this just can’t get much better!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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