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Begg Rock (aka San Miguel)-July 18 & 19, 2014–Peace-

san miguel

Begg Rock dive trip report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on on July 18 & 19, 2014 and was one of the best!

Begg Rock is always an interesting trip partly because of what you will see, the location and will you get there. The “get there” part isn’t only because of weather but also because it is in the area of San Nicholas Island which is another island owned by the military and the military can do what they want when they want and on this trip captain Eric couldn’t get a clear answer if it was open or not so off to Miguel we went.

begg rockActually going to San Miguel was a great choice because the weather was calm enough to get to sites I only had been dreaming of for the last 20 years plus it helps to have a trip with other divers who can handle some of the advanced sites we visited. Not everyone going to San Miguel on the most perfect of days will get a chance to dive some of the sites we did because it also depends on the diver’s level of experience on a trip.

begg rockIt is hard to believe (still) but we got in 7 dives on Friday with 1 of them being a night dive. I made all 6 day dives but left the night dive for the brave few who did it not to mention 6 dives in a day with most being deep is enough for me in one day. I have to also mention that after that excellent tri-tip dinner I would have probably just sunk to the bottom if I did the night dive.

We started our day at Boomerang, than on to Richardson’s Rock, 2 dives at Canyons, Shark Park (seen no sharks) and Cuyler Harbor. Lastly we moved to another area of Cuyler Harbor for the night and a much needed rest.

begg rockOn Saturday morning we started with our 1st dive at Skyscraper off San Miguel and then headed to a spot called Egg Rock. We were told this dive site is not on the charts and supposedly got its name from a time when two of the Truth Aquatic boats pulled alongside each other to transfer some much needed eggs for a meal when the captain noticed a pinnacle directly underneath them. It doesn’t come up enough that they would run into it but it is still a good sized pinnacle.

begg rockI was really looking forward to this dive because I had never heard of it and it sounded like a very cool dive but just as I sat down up on the front bench waiting for some divers to exit the bow gate the webbing on my left strap snapped. At least it didn’t snap while on the dive and Capitan Kevin was able to fix it for me so I was good to go for the next dive. By the looks of all the large lingcod brought up on Egg Rock I think it should be renamed Lingcod Reef.

We than moved to a site at the west end of Santa Cruz for the last dive and it was homeward bound we went. I always say “plans are made to be changed” and this is another time it worked out perfectly!

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By Ken Kollwitz