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Begg Rock 2 day trip-July 19 & 20, 2013

begg rock

Begg Rock dive trip report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Peace on July 19 & 20, 2013 and was not Begg Rock but that was OK.

Something to remember is that ALL trips are always weather dependant and this one was no exception. The wind and swell came up during the early part of the week and I watched the weather reports like usual (sometimes they are wrong)and guess what? they were right this time. This was confirmed easily because when you board the Peace they have a board that gives the departure time and ours said 4:00 am when it should have been 12:00 midnight. If leaving at 4:00 am that means we will be heading to west Santa Cruz and so it was confirmed. Now this is also why a two day trip works out in your advantage which you will read about shortly.

begg rock

The Peace left promptly at 4:00 am with 19 divers aboard (the Sea Divers had a very small group) and of course this is to everyone’s advantage except for the ones writing the checks. I have been there and done that several times. OK, so here is my plug for people to sign-up on a chartered trip and why you might ask? The reason is simple. If a boat owner has an open boat and there aren’t enough people to go they may cancel and maybe only a day or two before the trip is scheduled so you usually don’t have enough time to find another trip to go on and if you go on a chartered trip they are almost always never canceled because we are under a whole different set of rules and we lose lots of money to cancel so please try and support people like CIDA and the Sea Divers who charter their own trips instead of signing up for open boats.

P1000075OK, so here is my other plug-TWO DAY TRIPS are REALLY the MOST ECONOMICAL! Now this only applies to people who have the time available or can get it off from work or family. The reason is quite simple. A single day trip might be 3 or 4 dives and usually not to places hard to reach for let’s say an average of $125.00 for the trip-that is $31.25 a dive and on a two day trip you can easily get 7-8 dives, you get feed a great dinner and you have the chance to go to places you will hardly get to on a single day trip, there is no rushing between dives and all for about $325.00 or $40.63 a dive. Now the other good part on this trip is that we dived Santa Cruz all day Friday and the wind slowed way down and we were able to go to San Miguel and dive 3 great dives on Saturday. You just have way more choices on a multi-day trip!

begg rock

Anyways, we started at Gull Island for the first dive and because of the wind we worked our way towards the east end of Santa Cruz diving Valley Anchorage, Flame Reef and Drop Off Reef for the last 2 dives and then headed to a nice cove for the dinner and a nice calm place to spend the night. During the night the Peace pulled anchor and we then headed for San Miguel starting our dive day at Crook Pt. and then moving to Wycoff Ledge for the last 2 dives for a total of 8 dives and that was without a night dive.

begg rockThe diving conditions were actually quite good except it was cold at Gull Island and San Miguel with a water temp of around 50°-52° and the other dives at Santa Cruz were all about 8°-10° higher for a temp in the low 60’s. What a difference. The vis was anywhere from 20′-40′ and we did have to deal with some current but then that is why trips like this are for advanced divers.  Saturday we even got back to the dock at a good time arriving about 6:30pm. We may not have made it to Begg Rk. but everything still turned out great and special thanks to the Peace and crew for making this another fun two day trip.

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By Ken Kollwitz


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