Awesome Begg Rock & San Nick 2 Day Trip-Peace Dive Boat-July 12 & 13, 2019-(Advanced divers and above)

Begg Rock off San Nicholas IslandBegg Rock, 8 miles northwest of San Nicolas Island is a large sea mound comprised of a group of pinnacles, one of which rises about 15 feet above the water and then plunges into the deep depths way past recreational diving depths. Begg rock is fully exposed and sometimes Mother Nature will not let you dive it, but when she does it is an experience you will never forget. On Friday & Saturday, July 12 & 13, 2019, CIDA has a charter sharing with the Sea Divers on the Peace for a 2 day trip to Begg Rock. Trips like this don’t happen often so sign-up soon and don’t miss out!

Multi-day trips are always great and actually a much better value than going on single day trips. Why? Because you get more dives in without being rushed and get the chance to get to sites that are hard to get to on a single day trip making this trip a great value.

Giant Keyhole LimpetThe plan is to board on Thursday night between 8:00-11:00 pm with the Peace departing at midnight for Begg Rock. Captain Eric and crew will do their best to get us to Begg Rock for some awesome diving with us finishing the trip at San Nick before heading home. Because the weather and Military doesn’t always make it easy to get to and dive Begg Rock, plan B will probably be Santa Barbara Island and or Santa Cruz Island. Whatever we do we will try our best to make it fun and interesting!

This trip is best suited for Advanced divers and above that have experience in cold water conditions with possible current, swell, kelp, limited visibility and deep water. Dive sites are to be determined by “BEST CONDITIONS” based on water visibility, tides, current, surge, swell and wind. Good buoyancy control and surface signal tubes are always recommended.

Trip Details

  • Where: Begg Rock, San Nicholas Island
  • Depart from: Ventura Harbor
  • When: Friday/Saturday, July 12 & 13, 2019
  • Time: Board on Thursday night between 8:00-11:00 pm with the Peace departing at midnight
  • Cost: $380.00 includes 8 dives, 1 night dive, meals, air and reserved bunks
  • Pay Onlineclick here to pay

The Peace is widely known as a first class dive boat ideal for single and multi-day trips to the Channel Islands and beyond. The Captain and crew are all dive-masters and DAN oxygen providers. The safety of the passengers is of utmost importance to them and at the same time they are happy to get you to the best possible dive sites that they can.

The Peace is 65’ x 22’ and has single and double bunks that sleep 32. All bunks have privacy curtains, lights, pillows and blankets. There are 2 heads with showers along with an outdoor fresh water shower. There is also a clothes dryer if needed.

On the dive deck there is plenty of room for everyone along with a sundeck, live game well for all the hunters, 12’ inflatable chase boat, two 18 CFM compressors for air and nitrox and the world famous hot tub. The Peace can fill to 3500 psi and for nitrox (additional charge) they are equipped with a DNAx membrane system setup for 32% fills. With the membrane system there is no need for O2 clean tanks.


Inside there is a large galley with a TV and VCR player along with an area for cameras with lots of 110 volt outlets for your charging needs and this is also where all the delicious meals are cooked and served. Meals for a typical day will include a starter breakfast of oatmeal, toast, bagels, fruit, cereal, juice and more. For lunch there is always a big spread with a theme like Italian, Mexican or something else. Save room, because later in the day there is still a homemade desert usually along with ice cream. If you’re on a multi-day trip, then there is still a big dinner along with more deserts. Just make sure you dive as much as possible to burn off all the food. For drinks there is a soda machine, ice and there is always water available. If you feel inclined to bring your own alcoholic drinks, that is also OK, just please bring your own cooler and ice to store them in.

All trips on the Peace include food, snacks, drinks & air.

For trips on the Peace you will need to bring all your own gear and 1 tank. Gear rentals are not available through the Peace. If you need gear rentals you will need to arrange that through your local dive shop.

The Peace is in the Ventura Harbor and is located next to Island Packers at 1691 Spinnaker Dr. G – Dock. See  directions here.


To sign up and pay for trip or if you have any questions, please contact Ken at or call 805 469-7288