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Farnsworth and Catalina West End-Magician-Nov. 19, 2017


Farnsworth Bank dive report for Channel Islands Dive Adventures. Trip was on the Magician on Nov. 19, 2017 and was an excellent one. Having a full boat of good FUN solid divers making the trip that much better. Once everyone was aboard just before 6 am the crew pulled the ropes and we left the dock getting to Farnsworth Bank about 9 ish.

Seas were relatively calm and with little wind the trip over was very nice with us getting there just in time to beat another dive boat to the high spot were we wanted to anchor up for 2 good dives. The last trip to Farnsworth in August brought some very strong currents so when I seen the first person jump in and they could actually kick to the anchor line with no problems I knew we were in for a treat.

There was some dirty water up top but as you descended down the line through the water column it only got better! As you arrived you could see divers, lots of purple hydro coral, kelp and LOTS of fish and to top it off there was little current and about 50′ vis. Did 2 excellent dives at Farnsworth seeing large morays in the crevices, scorpion fish on the reef hanging out among the hydro coral, LARGE lobsters, fish schooling around the reef and barracuda circling above us. It sure is nice that Farnsworth is an Marine Protected Area!

During our second dive tri tip were barbecued and lunch was served once back. The crew of the Magician always takes good care of us with safety being the number #1 priority.

After the second dive we headed to Cape Cortez diving a different area of it then we had before which was equally as nice with lots of healthy kelp, large rocks and sea fans making it a very good last dive. Conditions were again nice with calm seas on the surface and more great vis. Afterwards it was time to get moving with us getting to the dock around 7 ish.

I think everyone would agree it was another terrific CIDA trip!

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By Ken Kollwitz


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