Cool Gull Island, Santa Cruz-Truth Dive Boat-January 5, 2019-( OW Divers and above)

gull island off the backside of santa cruz islandGull Island is a Marine Protected area (MPA) and one of the few spots in California that you can see purple hydro coral at shallow depths between 15’-40’. Join Channel Islands Dive Adventures aboard the Truth for a 1 day trip to Gull Island on Saturday, January 5, 2019. Boarding will be between 8:00-midnight Friday with the Truth departing at 3:00 am.

purple hydrocoral and sea fans at farnsworth bankGull Island is a small island off the backside of the south west end of Santa Cruz Island. It is a Marine Protected area (MPA) and one of the few spots in California that you can see purple hydro coral at shallow depths between 15’-40’ . Over the years after Gull Island became a MPA the marine life around octopus at santa cruz island aboard the peace dive boatthe area has gotten better with every passing year. The area around the small island is very rocky with lots of crevices , ledges and small walls and with all the kelp growing you can just imagine how nice this area is to dive. It is an excellent place for photographers and sightseers and should be on every divers to do list!

On this trip we will have Guest Photographer Michael Zeigler joining us to give free tips and suggestions for those who ask. 

michael-ziegler-cida-photo-tripsSince creating his first underwater image in 2009, Michael Zeigler has been captivated by the unique challenges that underwater photographers face.  He has had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the best publishing editors from around the world, has become a member of the Ocean Artists Society, and has co-founded the company Immersed Imaging with his good friend, Todd Winner. Teaching is a passion of Michael’s, and he thoroughly enjoys helping his fellow photographers take their imaging skills to the next level.

This trip is specifically catered to the OW Divers and above that have good buoyancy skills and experience in cold water conditions including possible; current, swell, kelp, limited visibility and deeper depths. A surface signal tube is highly recommended.

Trip Details

  • Where: Gull Island, Santa Cruz Island
  • Depart from: Santa Barbara, Sea Landing
  • When: Saturday, January 5, 2019
  • Time: Board the Truth between 8:00-midnight Friday with the Truth departing at 3:00 am and back to dock about 6:00 pm.
  • Cost: $145.00 includes 3 dives, meals, air and reserved bunks
  • Pay onlineclick here to pay

truth dive boatThe Truth is the original Truth Aquatics boat, and thanks to regular updates and maintenance it remains a world-class liveaboard diving and excursion vessel. It is an ideal entry level boat for smaller charters and groups of friends. The versatile Truth is equally at home running to San Miguel for spear fishing excursions as it is spending lazy days with kayakers at Painted Cave, doing photo trips to the rigs down south as well as some specialty trips diving wrecks such as the ones Channel Islands Dive Adventures plans to do aboard the Truth.

The Truth was built in Venice, California and launched in 1974. She is 65’x 22′ and with a cruising speed of 10 knots and 550 nautical mile range she is ready to go anywhere in SoCal. She is powered by two Detroit diesels and has two generatotruth dive boatrs to supply everyone with plenty of power. The Truth was built for comfort and has a large galley fully ready to make meals for the hearty divers that like to call her home on dive trips to the Channel Islands and beyond. There is also a BBQ for cooking tri tip and chicken for multi-day trips and a good sized sundeck built above the galley. There are also 2 heads and 3 showers (1 on deck, 2 below deck) and a 1050 gallon fresh water capacity.

The dive deck is spacious and has seating for you and your gear as well as room for some of the bags underneath the bench seats and there is always room along the sides for more bags. The Stern Compartment is used for a drying room for wetsuits, game freezingtruth dive boatg and it is where the clothes dryer is. If you are a hunter there is also live game wells built in the transom for game storage. For filling tanks there are 2 Ingersoll-Rand air compressors aboard capable of filling to 3500 P.S.I. and no nitrox. For safety they have a full first aid kit, O2 bottles, Auto Defibrillator, Certified Crew and a 16-foot Caribe chase boat with 40 HP Honda 4-stroke outboard.

For the bunk room there is room  for 45 people maximum consisting of 12 double bunks and 20 single bunks. See bunk room layout here. Each bunk has pillows, blankets, curtains, and reading lights and there is also a dressing room located in the bunk room. The bunks are a good size with plenty of headroom to make you feel more at home rather than being squashed into a small space. If you would like to be even more comfy a sleeping bag is always recommended.

The Truth is based out of the Sea Landing in Santa Barbara with the Vision and Conception

  • Gear Rentals: If you need gear rentals you have 2 choices-contact the Truth Aquatics Sea landing or get them through your local dive shop.
  • Fishing License: Unless you arrive during normal business hours, you will need to ensure you have a valid CA fishing license that covers the duration of our trip, Ocean Enhancement, and if you plan on taking Lobster, a Lobster Report Card. These items will not be available on board.
  • Parking at the Sea landing in Santa Barbara: There is plenty of parking close to the Truth. It is a paid parking area so you must get your ticket validated in the Sea Landing office before leaving so you can leave with paying only a very minimal fee.

Directions to the Truth in Santa Barbara-

The address is 301 West Cabrillo Boulevard • Santa Barbara, CA 93101 • (805) 962-1127. Check here for directions.

Any trip on the Truth is always fun and Channel Islands Dive Adventures has several single day trips chartered on the Truth. Please check the Channel Islands Dive Adventures boat schedule and come join us on our next dive adventure aboard the Truth!

To sign up and pay for trip or if you have any questions, please contact Ken at or call 805 469-7288